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Job Information

northern sky

We are looking for new staff.

  • We are looking for "staff who love the starry sky and are enthusiastic"!

    We look forward to your application.

    ★Facility introduction

    Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory celebrates its 30th anniversary.
    Located on a plateau at an altitude of 700m, the air is clear and there is little light pollution, making it an ideal location for stargazing.At night, astronomical observations are held using large telescopes, and visitors can experience the vastness of the universe.
    The attached lodge is used by many guests throughout the year, and we also operate a restaurant for guests.
    This year, the Kyushu Chuo Expressway is scheduled to open to Yamato-dori Junbashi IC.

    ★Observatory facilities and observation equipment

    〇observatory sliding roof
     ・50cm diameter Newton-style reflecting telescope
     ・Unistella electron telescope
     ・large binoculars
     ・small binoculars
    〇Accommodation lodge "Seiwa Kogen no Yado" All 10 buildings
    〇There is a restaurant "Seiza no Mori (woods)".

    1. Duties

    As an observatory staff member, you will perform the following duties in cooperation with other staff members.
    (1) Astronomical observation business and accommodation lodge management business, etc.

    2. Qualification requirements

    (1) Those who can work at night and on Saturdays and Sundays
    (2) Those who can operate a personal computer
    (3) Those who have a regular driver's license

    3. Application method

    (1) Submit resume (photo attached)
    Submission destination Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory

    Four. Working conditions, etc.

    (1) Working hours
      From 13:00 to 22:00(1 hour break) *shift system(shift system),Day shift available
    (2) Salary, etc.
      Salary will be determined at the time of interview, taking into consideration experience and qualifications.with pay raise(According to association regulations)
      Various allowances available(family allowance,housing allowance,Commuting allowance)
    with bonus(After 6 months experience,twice a year)
    (3) Leave, etc.
      105 days a year, every Tuesday and according to the shift system
      Annual leave available
    (4) Welfare
      Health insurance,Welfare pension,Employment insurance,Industrial accident insurance,Retirement Mutual Aid

    Five. Contact information

    Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory 1238-14 1238-14 Imuta, Yamato Town, Kamimashiki County, Kumamoto Prefecture
    TEL・FAX0967-82-3300 E-mail ymt-astroseiwa@town.yamato.kumamoto.jp
    URL http://astroseiwa.com/ Contact Watanabe