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To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the restaurant "Seiza no Mori (woods)" must be fully reserved.Please make a reservation by the day before.

【Contact / Contact】
  • Business hours and holidays

    【Opening Hours】
    From 12:00 to 15:00(Open until 20:00 on days with reservation)

    *If you do not have a reservation or if the weather is bad, we may be closed temporarily. Please call us when you come.
    *In winter, it is open for reservation only.

    【Contact / Contact】
  • ■Lunch cafe menu(From 12:00 to 15:00)

    Why don't you enjoy the spectacular view of the Kyushu Mountains while drinking tea at the restaurant?
    You can also enjoy dessert using locally produced blueberry sauce.
  • ■Dinner plan for accommodation plan(From 17:30)

    This is a dinner menu for the "One night stay with accommodation plan".We offer super-sized yakiniku or local cuisine of Yamato Town.

    Please choose from 4 types.
    ・Domestic yakiniku(Domestic beef,pork,chicken)
    ・Gibier Yakiniku(Wild boar, wild boar)
    ・Yakiniku mix(Domestic beef,pork,chicken,deer,boar)
    ・Local Cuisine

    After the meal, please enjoy the starry sky full of astronomical observations.

    *We are currently discontinuing the provision of "local cuisine".Please understand.(August 2020)
  • Group / banquet reservation

    We also accept group reservations and banquet reservations.(Maximum number of seats 40)
    Please use it for lunch parties, drinking parties, etc.

    ◆Please apply for the following contents using the email address or TEL on the top page.

    【Preferred date】
    【Desired time】  Hours to hours
    【Organization name】
    【Representative name and kana】
    【Contact TEL】
    【Contact email address】
    【The number of participants】  Man(Adult(s) Man/ Children)
    【Meeting type】Banquet/Dinner party/Other
    • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory