【Official】Seiwa Kogen no Yado

For reservations for GoTo Travel Campaign, please apply from "Jalan net"

  • Approved as an accommodation for the GoTo Travel Campaign

    ★Reservation for accommodation applying the GoTo Travel Campaign
    For reservations using the GoTo Travel Campaign, please apply from "Jalan net".
    You can book at a discounted room rate.
    Please note that this does not apply to reservations made by phone or made through the website reservation site.
    (For details, please see the "Seiwa Kogen no Yado Page".)

    ★Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection
    As a business operator participating in the GoTo travel business, we fully understand and thoroughly implement the "Measures to prevent the spread of infection" that is a condition for participation.
    (For details, please see the "Information Page".)

Seiwa Kogen Observatory "Moon Viewing" Notice

  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory "Moon viewing"

    October 1st is the mid-autumn moon.Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory will hold an annual "moon viewing party".
    Enjoy the story of the moon and the observation of the moon while enjoying the "Matcha set (Zenzai + Matcha)" on the terrace.
    ★Time:From 19:00 to 21:00 *Last reception 20:30
    *If the weather is bad, we will cancel.
    *It will be a reservation system.For details, please see the "Calendar" and "Notice" pages.

Notice of Seiwa Kogen Observatory "Kotatsu Kanbokai"

  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory "Kotatsu Kanbokai』\

    We will hold the annual autumn event "Kotatsu Kanbokai".
    Enjoy the autumn starry sky with a hot drink in the kotatsu set on the lawn square.
    ★Period:Reiwa 2 October 31st to December 20th
    ★Time:From 18:30 to 21:30 *Limited to 4 groups per day(We recommend about 4 people per group! )

    For details, please check "Notice" or "Calendar".
    *Click the image to go to the "Notice" page.

Request regarding entry into the premises outside business hours

  • Please leave when closing (22:00)

    Thank you for visiting the Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory.
    The property is open from 14:00 to 22:00 and is not allowed to enter the premises outside business hours.(Excluding guests)
    Regardless of whether or not you participate in the astronomical observation society, we ask for your cooperation in exiting after the business hours are over.
     Those who wish to use the facility after 22:00 for the purpose of astrophotography, etc. need to apply for a license.Please contact the observatory in advance.

"Relaxed Starry Sky Chair with Gelato" has started!

  • A gelato of "Nakahata Farm" in Yamato Town

    Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory, we have started renting out a leisurely starry sky chair!
    Lying down in the middle of the Seiwa Kogen, why not heal your heart in the Kyushu Mountains a spectacular view at lunchtime and the starry sky at night.
    For those who use the "Relaxing Starry Sky Chair", the gelato of "Nakahata Farm" in Yamato Town is included! (Please choose from four types.)

    ■Open Hours:From 14:00 to 22:00 (use is within 2 hours.)
    ■Rental fee:1,000 yen
    ■Special  Standard:Yamato Town gelato of Yamato Town"Nakahata Farm"
    *It is a reservation system.Please apply by TEL or E-mail

    ★Nakahata Farm's gelato is also sold for 400 yen!


  • September 2020

    ◆Astronomical observation party
    For the time being, the following operations will be carried out to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
    ・By appointment only:Up to 40 people per day(Including guests)
    ・The observation time will be limited to prevent three-way traffic.
    ・If you do not have a reservation, please contact us as we may decline observations.
    ・Observation time(4 times in total:Please let us know your preferred time zone when making a reservation)
     (1) From 20:00 (2) From 20:30 (3) From 21:00 (4) From 21:30
    ・No more than 10 people per observation

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Facility information

  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory

    Aso Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory is located on the south outer ring of Aso and is located in Minamoto-machi Inaokahara (commonly known as Seiwa Plateau), with an altitude of 700 m and a good 360-degree view.
    You can enjoy Mt Aso the north side and the 1000 m class Kyushu Mountains on the south side, and enjoy the best location.
    There are few city lights and the air is clear, so you can enjoy a lot of starry sky.

    ・east longitude:131.06
    ・north latitude:32.44
  • Seiwa Kogen no Yado

    This lodge type accommodation is located on the west side of Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory.(A total of 10 buildings)
    Why don't you stay overnight at Seiwa Kogen no Yado and play with the stars all night long?

    An accommodation plan with dinner and astronomical observation is also available.
  • Restaurant"Seiza no Mori (woods)"

    At restaurant Seiza no Mori (woods), super-sized yakiniku is a standard menu.
    It is served as dinner for in-house guests.

    Snacks and coffee are also available.
    Please drop in when you come to Seiwa Plateau.
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Seiwa Kogen no Yado


1238-14 Imuta, Yamato Town, Kamimashiki County, Kumamoto Prefecture

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60 minutes from the expressway (Oike Takayama IC, Matsubase IC) towards Takachiho, 40 minutes from Minamiaso Village, 15 minutes from Roadside Station Seiwa Bunraku Mura
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