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Facility information

  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory

    Aso Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory is located on the south outer ring of Aso and is located in Minamoto-machi Inaokahara (commonly known as Seiwa Plateau), with an altitude of 700 m and a good 360-degree view.
    You can enjoy Mt Aso the north side and the 1000 m class Kyushu Mountains on the south side, and enjoy the best location.
    There are few city lights and the air is clear, so you can enjoy a lot of starry sky.

    ・east longitude:131.06
    ・north latitude:32.44

    Background of the founding

    In November 1987, a newspaper article reported that the staff of the Kumamoto Prefectural Observatory succeeded in taking a photo of Comet Bradfield in the current Imuta Highlands.
    It as an opportunity, altitude as high as 700m, as the place where favorable conditions are met of astronomical observations, such as that there is no light pollution is not clear the air, 1988 (1988) The 1st Kyushu Star Festa in the Former Asahi Elementary School The 1st Kyushu Star Festa"was held and many astronomical fans came to visit every year.
    The Former Seiwa Village Office Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory started the construction of the Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory because it would help revitalize the area, and the long-awaited observatory opened in April 1993.Yukio Miyamoto was the first president.In 2018, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.
  • Seiwa Kogen no Yado

    This lodge type accommodation is located on the west side of Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory.(A total of 10 buildings)
    Why don't you stay overnight at Seiwa Kogen no Yado and play with the stars all night long?

    An accommodation plan with dinner and astronomical observation is also available.
  • Restaurant"Seiza no Mori (woods)"

    At restaurant Seiza no Mori (woods), super-sized yakiniku is a standard menu.
    It is served as dinner for in-house guests.

    Snacks and coffee are also available.
    Please drop in when you come to Seiwa Plateau.
  • Walking path / lawn open space

    Seasonal wildflowers and wildflowers gently bloom on the walking path on the premises.
    You can enjoy day walks and cherry blossom viewing.
    We also accept event use on the lawn.
  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory★Observation room

    The observation room of the observatory has a "sliding roof" type operation roof, so you can enjoy the starry sky almost all over the sky.

    The large telescope in the observation room is a Newton-style reflection telescope, and this telescope has been installed since its establishment.

    ・Focal length:2500mm(F5)
  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory★Training room

    In the rainy weather, the training room will provide guidance on the starry sky using simulation software.

    In addition, we also hold daytime sun observations and workshops for schools and groups such as social studies tours and club activities in the training room.
  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory★terrace

    The smartphone lunar surface photography using binoculars is on this terrace.
    In the daytime, you can overlook the Kyushu Mountains.
  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory★Exhibition corner

    We are exhibiting donated telescopes, seasonal constellations, and astronomical photographs.
  • Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory★Shop corner

    We sell astronomy books and miscellaneous goods.How about a memorial visit or a souvenir?

◆Other facilities◆


56 units(Free) (1st parking lot:26 units/2nd parking lot:30 units)
The parking lot is closed outside business hours.

Smoking corner

Observatory facility:2 places

Toilet for the disabled

Observatory facility:One place

vending machine

Observatory facility entrance:One place