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Usage guidance

Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory

Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory is located at an altitude of 700 m, where you can see the beautiful stars with clear air.
You can enjoy Mt Aso the north side and the 1000 m class Kyushu Mountains on the south side, and enjoy the best location.
In bright times, the voices of wild birds (cuckoos, warblers, hototogis, pheasants, etc.) also echo.
At dusk you may meet higashi, and at night you may encounter rabbits, deer, wild boars, foxes, etc.
  • Opening hours, closed days, calendar

    • ★★★

      【Opening hours】
      From 14:00 to 22:00
       Note) The museum will be closed on nights when it cannot be observed due to bad weather.

      【closing day】

      【Upon arrival】
      ・We ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.
      ・Please prepare warm clothes as the night of the Seiwa Plateau cools down even in summer.           
       Be sure to bring warm clothes in winter.
      ・In winter, please come with winter tires on your car.
      ・Please be careful as deer and wild boars may jump out on the road to the observatory.
      ・If you are visiting for the first time, please contact the observatory for directions or visit the access page.Please note that the car navigation system may guide you to a different route.
      ・A facility surrounded by nature.Please be careful about weather, insects, birds and animals, and car movement.
  • Astronomical observation party

    Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory holds astronomical observation meetings every day.
    (Closed on Tuesdays and may be temporarily closed on bad weather days.)

    At the astronomical observation society, using the large telescope in the observation room on the second floor,
    ・Observation of astronomical objects visible on the day(For example...Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Star Cluster, etc.)
    ・Seasonal constellation guide
    About, the specialized staff will guide you.

    Reservations are required to participate.(Paid)
    Please make a reservation by phone or email (up to 2 days in advance).
    The deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
    ★Please continue to cooperate with the new corona infection countermeasures.(Mask is self-judgment)
    ★No reservation required for free observation on the lawn square(Until closing)
    • The staff will guide you through astronomical observations and seasonal constellations with a large telescope.If you are lucky, you may meet a shooting star!


      【Estimated start time of the observation session】 
      ★Spring Autumn 19:30 to 22:00
      ★ Summer 20: 00-22: 00
      ★ Winter 19:00 to 22:00 
      *The start time varies depending on the season.The detailed time will be announced in the announcement version.
      *It may be canceled depending on the weather.
      【Observation fee】High school students and above:550 yen/Elementary and junior high school students:300 yen  
      *Observation with infants is dangerous, so please contact us in advance.
      【Capacity / time required per session】15 people, about 30 to 40 minutes
      【Reservation required.】
      *Please apply by phone or email (see "Reservation Method").
       Please make a reservation by email at least 2 days in advance.
      *We give priority to guests and close the deadline as soon as the capacity is reached.
      *Please cancel your reservation until 17:00 on the day of the event.No contact is strictly prohibited
  • School and group tours

    We also accept schools and organizations such as social studies tours and club activities.
    We are preparing for daytime sun observation, workshops, starry sky guidance using simulation software, etc.
    Please contact us by email or phone.
    • ★★★

      【Visit menu】
      ・Starry sky guidance on a personal computer simulator(20 minutes)
      ・Large telescope visit(20 minutes)
      ・Solar glass making and solar observation(Half an hour)
      ・Easy octopus making and kite flying(Half an hour)
      ・Constellation quick board making(Half an hour)

      【Visit fee】
      It depends on the age of participants and the tour menu.Please contact us in advance.

      ・Please apply in advance.
      ・See "How to make a reservation" below.
  • Workshops/Rentals

    Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory workshop is held at the Seiwa Plateau Astronomical Observatory.
    Why don't you try it when you visit Seiwa Plateau?
    We are accepting anytime from lunch time to evening.We accept orders by e-mail, telephone, and reception counter.
    *We may not be able to provide information during busy seasons.
    • ★Solar Observation Glass Making Workshop

      Directly observing the sun is very dangerous.
      Why don't you observe the sun by using a film that allows you to see the sun safely?
      After completion, decorate with color pens and stickers.Let's finish with the original sun glass.

      【Content】Sun glass work and sun observation
      【Participation fee】300 yen
      【Time】About 30 minutes

    • ★Constellation Hayami board making workshop

      I would like to accompany you to the starry sky observation. "Constellation quick board"
      You can check which constellation the star is in front of by adjusting the date, time and direction.
      Why don't you make it by hand using a work kit?

      【Content】Constellation quick board making
      【Participation fee】300 yen
      【Time】About 30 minutes
      *Please contact us in advance as we may not be able to accommodate some days.
    • ★Kite making and kite raising workshop

      Just assemble a simple kite kit called a diamond kite.
      Why don't you draw a picture of a star or a picture of Amabie on the front of the kite in hopes of the corona escaping, or make your own original kite?

       "Contents" Original kite making and kite raising
       "Participation fee" 300 yen
       "Time" about 30 minutes

    • Information on rental items

      We rent observation equipment.
      ◆small binoculars
      ◆field scope
      ◆recliner chair
      ◆home planetarium(*Guests only)

      Fare:500 yen each
      Time:2 hours
  • How to make a reservation

    • Please fill in the following contents and apply from the email address below the top page.

      ◆For observation / event reservation
      【Preferred date】
      【Desired time】  Hour
      【Your name / Kana】
      【Contact TEL】
      【Contact email address】
      【The number of participants】  Man(High school students and above Man/Elementary and junior high school students Man/Preschooler)
      *Please make an observation reservation at least 2 days in advance.

      ◆For group tour reservations
      【Preferred date】
      【Desired time】  Hours to hours
      【Group name / school name】
      【Representative name and kana】
      【Contact TEL】
      【Contact email address】
      【The number of participants】  Man(student Man,Leader)
      【Desired tour menu】
      *Please contact us in advance.

      ◆For workshop
      【Workshop name】Making sun glasses/Constellation quick board making/Handmade kite flying experience
      【Preferred date】
      【Desired time】  Hour
      【Your name / Kana】
      【Contact TEL】
      【Contact email address】
      【The number of participants】  Man(High school students and above Man/Elementary and junior high school students Man/Preschooler)